The Agency is a paradigm of the cultural economy, an articulation of the values of an artist-run space through the commodification of one within another. Searching for a sense of value, Dundee-based GENERATORprojects was packaged and sold to a consuming public, lead by Head of Sales and invited artist Catrin Jeansm as part of the Royal Standard's Liverpool Biennial residency 'Service Provider'. From shop fit to live office environment, The Agency functioned as a platform from which the role of the artist-run space was dissected within the context of the Biennial. Bureaucracy was established and training days held. The two-week residency ended with a Crawl Inclusive tour. 


Via Crawl Inclusive's Twitter account.

CRAWL INCLUSIVE: Dundee's Art Crawl

    ✮We visited the best temporary art spaces in Dundee
    ✮Three art openings with BOOZE
    ✮Hosted by your Crawl Inclusive Rep Catrin Jeans
    ✮Featured over 30 local artists!!!
    ✮Site-specific performances along the way
    ✮Games and a raffle
    ✮Free After-perty entry @ the ARCTIC BAR
    ✮Tunez from DJ Peg Dub and DJ Hen Night Kebab Tears
    ✮Partied with the Crawl Inclusive artists who showed us how its done - Dundee Style.


Anton Beaver, Suzi Clark, Scott Hudson, Emma McIntyre, Mickey Mallet, Sarah Messenger, Stephen Murray, Jason Nelson, Neil Nodzak, Emile Shemilt and Catherine Weir 

Da da da da da da da da da daa daaa, da da da da da da da da da da da da da daaaaaaa 



Mariella Verkerk
Interactive bubble making of all shapes and sizes


Adrian Murray, Anna Wowk and Amy Carter

The exhibition features surprising, strange and sometimes unimaginable objects, sculptures and installations that deal with the production, consumption and the very nature of energy. Some are poetic, others are alienating or at times even redundant. But in this, they are all relevant. They demonstrate the extent to which energy is part of the chain of all processes. Energy can be harvested in a variety of ways, but never without consequences, making them difficult to evaluate and interesting to explore.

An Informed Energy attempts to bring an established reality of what we think we know into contact with our imagination, with often challenging results.

Insolation from anna wowk on Vimeo.

ICKLE FILM FEST: Random Selection

Ian forbes

Dundee's Ickle Film Fest showed a film at random from their 2011 programme.

For more details visit: Ickle Film Fest 

The Accidental Tourist from Ian Forbes on Vimeo.


Hannah Champion and Yvonne Billimore

Bright and attractive top floor flat.
Close to City Centre, beautiful views,
Two large, well furnished bedrooms with study areas
Fully fitted modern Kitchen/Dining Area
Bathroom with shower and 3 piece bathroom suite
Electric Heating
Communal Garden to rear 

For more details visit: Hannah Champion and Yvonne Billimore


Kimberly Bright, Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth, Cara Pirie and Pester + Rossi

Zug (5th edition) With guests:
Mairi Lafferty, Neil Mulholland and Sophie Orton

Privacy becomes public as spectators are forced into the confinements of a strangers living space - dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The art, created for site-specific locations, interact with their domestic surroundings.

Retire to the lounge area where topic of conversation consists of game play, hobbies, boredom and of course guilty pleasures.

“Addiction Solitaire, yes it is addictive…
You're sitting at your computer when a sudden urge to take a break from your tedious work and engage in a seemingly simple game of solitaire strikes your mind.
Before you know it, hours have passed and you are still playing solitaire, unaware of the passage of time.
Your workload still awaits you when finally you break out of your solitaire spell.
Yes I am guilty of this, just keep playing till I win, let’s see if I can beat that score…”
Overcoming Life’s Challenges by Moya Mulvay

Kimberley Bright just wants to make you laugh.

Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth - 'If You Can't See My Mirrors I can't see you'

Pester + Rossi 0 SURVIVE-IT! Investing in Preparedness! Save your life tomorrow, today.
Welcome to SURVIVE-IT!the nation's first, unique and ultra modern SURVIVE-IT! goods laboratory. SURVIVE-IT! explores and experiments with the latest technologies in survival products today for tomorrows survivors. SURVIVE IT! creating dysfunctional, inefficient, unreliable but above all, affordable survival goods for consumers worldwide. Worried about a serious situation or occurrence that might happen unexpectedly and will demand immediate action?

Zug - A drag of a fag, A move in a game, A swig of a drink.